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Slow Motion Video Booth

$1900 /4 hours

The sheer hilarity of a party in slow motion is indescribable.

Slow motion playback of videos live at event on big screen TV
Compilation of all videos set to music within 1 week of your event

Slow Motion Booths are making their mark on the wedding industry in a big way. It is hard to describe the joy people get from performing, much less the belly busting laughter they give when they see their performance played back in slow motion. We set up a studio in a 10x10 area at your event with lighting, cameras and a big screen TV. Our directors help guests plan a 6-10 skit, dance - or whatever and then roll the cameras as the craziness unfolds. We then brush the confetti off your guests and show them to the big screen viewing area where they can watch their performance in slow motion. We bring props beyond your imagination that help spur your guests imagination. Don't for a second think the slow motion booth is just for the kids, either! Young and old alike will find the slow motion booth to be incredible fun. One week after your event you will receive a compilation video of the short films your guests made and can share with all of your friends and family on social media as well. Perfect for weddings, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, conventions and retreats, ice breakers and family reunions and parties of all kind!